Celebrating National Adoption Month {North Carolina Family Session}

November is National Adoption Month so it only seemed fitting that this family would grace the blog this month. I have been fortunate enough to have multiple people in my life who are adopted so I know just how amazing it can be. Over the last few years, I have had the pleasure of watching one of my best friends grow her family through fostering and adopting and it has been so incredible. (Keep your eyes open their family will be next). It has opened my eyes to this entire community of amazing people who are fostering kids in need and building families through adoption. It is seriously the most heart warming thing to witness. After hearing all the stories I just knew I needed to capture some of these families! While in NC I had the pleasure of capturing this family as well as others that are fostering and adopting as well as teenager that is up for adoption, seriously so humbling.

So let me introduce you to the Williams family. I had the pleasure of meeting them on a recent trip to North Carolina. Say hello to beautiful scenery! Jetton Park in Cornelius was so gorgeous first thing in the morning. It over looks Lake Norman for a stunning view. I knew I would instantly connect with this family when they showed up with Starbucks in hand which made for the perfect candid moments.

So here is what makes this family extra special. This family was built through adoption! This couple opened their home to not one, not two but three beautiful children who were oh so sweet and after years of fostering a handful of kids they have finally built their forever family. And these are their first officially photos as a family together 🙂

north_carolina_phtographer_moorseville_wedding_photographer_north_carolina_family_photographer_adoption_photos (1)north_carolina_phtographer_moorseville_wedding_photographer_north_carolina_family_photographer_adoption_photos (2)north_carolina_phtographer_moorseville_wedding_photographer_north_carolina_family_photographer_adoption_photos (3)north_carolina_phtographer_moorseville_wedding_photographer_north_carolina_family_photographer_adoption_photos (4)north_carolina_phtographer_moorseville_wedding_photographer_north_carolina_family_photographer_adoption_photos (5)north_carolina_phtographer_moorseville_wedding_photographer_north_carolina_family_photographer_adoption_photos (6)north_carolina_phtographer_moorseville_wedding_photographer_north_carolina_family_photographer_adoption_photos (7)north_carolina_phtographer_moorseville_wedding_photographer_north_carolina_family_photographer_adoption_photos (8)north_carolina_phtographer_moorseville_wedding_photographer_north_carolina_family_photographer_adoption_photos (9)north_carolina_phtographer_moorseville_wedding_photographer_north_carolina_family_photographer_adoption_photos (10)north_carolina_phtographer_moorseville_wedding_photographer_north_carolina_family_photographer_adoption_photos (11)north_carolina_phtographer_moorseville_wedding_photographer_north_carolina_family_photographer_adoption_photos (12)north_carolina_phtographer_moorseville_wedding_photographer_north_carolina_family_photographer_adoption_photos (13)north_carolina_phtographer_moorseville_wedding_photographer_north_carolina_family_photographer_adoption_photos (14)north_carolina_phtographer_moorseville_wedding_photographer_north_carolina_family_photographer_adoption_photos (15)north_carolina_phtographer_moorseville_wedding_photographer_north_carolina_family_photographer_adoption_photos (16)


Halloween Styled {Boca Raton Photographer}

I’ve had an idea in my head for some time now for a Halloween shoot and this year it all perfectly came together. These photos are the result of some great collaboration of a kick butt make up artist, a photographer willing to model and an amazing assistant.

Make Up By: Lorraine Brophy

Dress: Sew Trendy 

Halloween (2 of 43)Halloween (4 of 43)Halloween (6 of 43)Halloween (10 of 43)Halloween (11 of 43)Halloween (12 of 43)Halloween (14 of 43)Halloween (16 of 43)Halloween (18 of 43)Halloween (20 of 43)Halloween (23 of 43)Halloween (25 of 43)Halloween (26 of 43)Halloween (27 of 43)Halloween (1 of 2).pngmatteHalloween (28 of 43)Halloween (32 of 43)Halloween (35 of 43)Halloween (2 of 2)Halloween (37 of 43)Halloween (41 of 43)Halloween (43 of 43)

Amy & Drew {Deerfield Beach Engagement Session}

Awh these two…I don’t even know where to start. Engagement sessions always start off  slightly awkward as couples don’t know what to expect and as people get to know me and I get to know them but this one…they just dove right in! Amy is the sister of a former In A Glimpse Photography groom which is always a huge compliment and because the world is just so small Drew’s sister and I actually went to school together. They are the poster couple for adorable! The way they look at each other is just magical and can I say, a little sexy. When I asked them to lean it for a kiss , they pulled each other in tight like no one was watching which is amazing. As a photographer I melt for moments like that. My favorite part of the session: I asked them to sit on the bench and there was this awkward moment where they weren’t quite sure what to do or how to sit. I told them, sit like your in your living room on the couch and Amy swung her legs over and they got all cuddly, it was perfect! Can’t wait for the Boca Raton wedding this weekend!


Delray Beach Couples Portraits

These two were in town visiting and decided to set up a session while they were here on vacation. I love love love that idea! It’s a great way to get some great photos in a totally different location. They were a total blast for their session on the Ave in Delray Beach. Portrait sessions are always amazing in Delray Beach between all the great little spots and pops of color added with the option to get your feet in the sand and the ocean breeze in your hair, you cant really ask for more. Not to mention I’m a big fan of photos for no reason , just celebrating life 🙂


Styled in The Ocala National Forest { Silver Glenn Springs Photographer}

Oh my gawd you guys…this right here might be one of my favorite sessions ever! This was my first time photographing in the GORGEOUS Florida springs and man on man it did not disappoint! These were taken at a style shoot with some other photographers and the stunning Olivia who modeled for us. How crazy beautiful is she!? We spent the afternoon in The Ocala National Forest at Silver Glenn Springs.

While I love the posed photos from this shoot my favorites of her are the shots in between the shots where you can see her natural smile really shine.

To see more of Olivia and this style shoot check out the ones we did before we got in the water here19575182_1713028042072804_8232272183666439971_o

Flowers By: Allen’s Florist of Brooksville 

Our Day in Disney: Fleming Family {Disney Orlando Photographer}

As most of you know I recently expanded my business into Central Florida which means I now to get to capture families at the happiest place on earth…DISNEY! Disney makes the perfect back drop to capture some great family memories. Here is just a little snap shot of the Fleming family’s day in The Magic Kingdom.

I met Angela a while back at a photography workshop in Miami and we have been following each others work ever since. She is an amazing wedding photographer based out of Texas. You can check out here work at New Seasons Photography. It’s always a great honor to have another photographer in front of your lens. She has an adorable little guy who is full of personality. Most photographers kids are camera shy but not Blayne, he is a total ham. He told me what to take photos of and even where he wanted to pose, it was hilarious! And if he wasn’t cute enough the Flemings are expecting and Angela is one of the cutest pregnant people I’ve ever seen. To add the cherry on top they had grandparents in toe and they were a total riot as well. This family’s over all fun loving spirit totally made up for the fact that it was a very gloomy rainy south Florida day.   This poor family… it literally rained everyday of their Disney vacation but they just went with it and didn’t let it stop them from having fun.

Styled Shoot in Ocala National Forest {Silver Glenn Springs Photographer}

On occasion photographers get together, style a model and shoot for fun. Photographer meet ups and shoot outs have quickly become one of my favorite things. They not only give us a chance to meet each other and chat about business but also gives us the chance to shoot creatively without any client expectations. It’s a chance to try out a new approach or perfect a new technique and usually check out a new location.

I recently got to meet up with some central and north Florida photographers in the Ocala National Forest at Silver Glenn Springs and photograph the stunning Olivia! This is just part of our session. We of course got her in the water too but that’s a blog post for another day. This gorgeous location is definitely one of my new favorites!

Flowers By: Allen’s Florist of Brooksville