Light’s Festival Love

I had a friend post some photos from this amazing lantern festival in California that looked beautiful. She told me that it’s a traveling thing and they were coming to Florida. Needless to say I bought tickets right away. I ended up going to the event alone but had my camera in tow so I knew I’d get some great photos. I laid out my blanket, set up my tripod ( I had planned to take some self portraits) and just enjoyed the really nice weather. Not long after I got there this adorable couple sat down in front of me. I watched them for a little bit (border lined stalked) and then shamelessly asked them if I could take some photos of them. Yes, I am that person. They were of course totally ok with it and I promised to keep my distance so they could still enjoy their date night. The results… well…one of my favorite sessions. While I did ask them to pose for one “look at the camera and smile photo” and one silhouette of course, the rest of these are completely candid. They were so adorable together and it was so much fun to capture a couple just being themselves enjoying a night out. These are the kind of moments photographers live for.

If they weren’t enough the festival was unbelievable! These were all taken at The Light’s Fest, this incredible traveling event. If you ever have the opportunity to attend one in your city I highly recommend it! It was a fun filled picnic’esque afternoon followed but a very moving evening. Thousands of lanterns are lit and released at one time and it is a beautiful site to see! Most people use the lanterns to either remember someone who they have lost or to put prayers or positive intentions into the world. I personally had intentions for that night which drastically changed as the Parkland school shooting happened just a few days before, so my lantern went up for Prayers for Parkland. This super sweet couple was nice enough to man my camera when I lit my lantern, you can see that video at the bottom of this post.

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Kaylyn & Lauren | Trash The Dress Session in Lithia Springs

Let me introduce you guys to Kaylan and Lauren. They had contacted me right after they tied the knot in the keys and wanted to do a trash the dress session in the springs. I about died when I got the message. This session had me written all over it! We met up at Lithia Springs,  a gorgeous spring I had yet to explore in central Florida. Wanna know how they picked it? Well, how cool is this? For their honeymoon they road tripped it around Florida and camped at a bunch of different places and this was one of their stops,  sounds awesome right? They showed up in full wedding attire, sea fan from the keys and all looking stunning!

But it doesn’t end there. Not only were these two gorgeous looking but they were so freaking sweet and MADLY in love with each other. Like MADLY! Visibility madly in love with each other. Sometimes couples are slightly awkward in front of a new person, especially with a camera but with these two, they acted as if I wasn’t even there which allowed me to truly capture the overwhelming love they have for each other in a very real, raw and honest way that photographers dream of. I can honestly say that this session is by far my favorite to date! It’s gonna be hard to top.

Amazing couple, flowy lace dress, turquoise pants ( you know I love me some color), crystal clear water, springs to ourselves, some very friendly fish, and a lot of love….perfection!

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Interested in booking an underwater or trash the dress session? Get in touch with us! We love to splash around.

Find out more info on our website here!


Decky & Carlos | Deerfield Beach Engagement Session

Allow me to introduce you to Decky & Carlos. This engagement session was a little extra special for me because I’ve know these two for what feels like forever. AND….I pretty much get to take all the credit for introducing them. Pretty neat huh? Not every day I get to say that.

When Carlos had called me to tell me he was finally proposing to Decky I was so freaking exciting! We talked forever about how he wanted to propose and the smart man that he is wanted to make sure I was there to capture it all. But….then he found out they would be going to the Cowboys game on Thanksgiving and well…the rest is history. Decky is a HUGE Cowboys fan so Carlos got down on one knee in the stadium and asked for her hand in marriage, so you know we had to incorporate some Cowboy gear into their photos.

After capturing some photos with their fur babies, Bear & Toby, we got to do something  a little unique and take photos where they first met which I thought was the cutest idea ever! Engagement sessions are such a perfect opportunity to incorporate a part of your love story and these two did it perfectly. And if that wasn’t enough we finished our night on the beach with one of the prettiest sunsets I have ever seen and a little bit of fish rescuing in between!

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Central Florida Lifestyle Session | Blueberry Picking at Promise Farms

So as some of you may know I moved to Central Florida almost a year ago. While it has been hard to adjust to not being within 5 minutes of the beach, I am loving all the amazing things that living in the middle of the state offers. Did you know that you can go blueberry picking in Florida? I for sure didn’t. Growing up in South Florida it was beach, beach and more beach, but spending the afternoon on a quaint little family farm picking fresh blueberries makes for the best Saturday afternoon. AND not going to lie it makes for some really cute lifestyle photos. Here is just a little glimpse of this couple’s blueberry picking at Promise Farms in Eustis Florida.

Is your family headed out for a fun weekend afternoon this summer? Why not bring In A Glimpse Photography along to capture all the memories. Lifestyle sessions are a great way to capture your family just as they are. No frills, no fancy clothes, no kids sitting still, just life being captured as it happens. Contact us today to learn more about our lifestyle photo sessions.

Umatilla photographer

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Jaclyn & Mike | The Palms South Beach

Something you may not know about me is that I do my very best to attend every wedding rehearsal of the weddings I capture. It seems like a simple thing but it let’s me capture a few images of the bride and groom before the big day, meet the immediate family and bridal party and get extra excited about a venue.

I loved, loved, loved Jaclyn’s rehearsal dinner dress and her over all whole look. It was bridal yet carefree and perfect for their wedding rehearsal at The Palms Hotel in South Beach.

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Venue | The Palms South Beach

Amy & Drew | Boca Raton Marriot Boca Center Wedding

First off let me just say that I adore these two people! The love they have for each other is so visible and such a beautiful thing to see. I knew when I took their engagement photos that their wedding would be amazing because it was one of my favorite sessions ever! You can see more of those here.

They say it’s good luck when it rains on your wedding day…well in Amy and Drew’s case I was pretty convinced that they would have the most amazing weather ever since it rained at their engagement shoot. Man, was I wrong. Fast forward to their wedding day and in typical Florida fashion, their day came complete with a tropical storm. Now, it’s Florida, it usually rains somewhere during a wedding day but then the clouds eventually clear. On this day, God just had different plans I guess because it literally rained their ENTIRE wedding day. While my photographer heart was breaking for them, they were both so calm and cool about it that you would have never even known. What started as a light sprinkle during their ceremony eventually turned into a full downpour as they said their vows under cover at The Marriott Boca Center, which I have to say was kind of beautiful. What later came out of their go-with-the-flow attitude was the willingness to literally stand in the rain for me which made for some epic portraits against the colorful lights of Boca Center.

Some other note worthy details about this day:

The pastor that married them has officiated a handful of weddings I’ve captured and attended which is pretty neat.

There were all kinds of adorable little kiddos doing all kinds of cute kiddo things.

Amy’s dad by far gave the best dad speech I have EVER heard!

AND they had pumpkin spice wedding cake! Yup, you heard me right, PUMPKIN SPICE WEDDING CAKE!

(Not in the mood to scroll, click play, then HD for just a few highlights from their day)


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 That’s a wrap everyone!
Boca Raton Wedding Photographer

Venue | Marriott Boca Center 

Hair & Makeup by the talented | Viva La Glam Studios 

Cake | Diva-Licious Cake House  (I’m going to say probably THE best wedding cake I’ve ever had. And I’ve had a lot of wedding cake)

DJ | Ray Costa

Celebrating National Adoption Month | Moorseville, North Carolina Family Photographer

November is National Adoption Month so it only seemed fitting that this family would grace the blog this month. I have been fortunate enough to have multiple people in my life who are adopted so I know just how amazing it can be. Over the last few years, I have had the pleasure of watching one of my best friends grow her family through fostering and adopting and it has been so incredible. (Keep your eyes open their family will be next). It has opened my eyes to this entire community of amazing people who are fostering kids in need and building families through adoption. It is seriously the most heart warming thing to witness. After hearing all the stories I just knew I needed to capture some of these families! While in NC I had the pleasure of capturing this family as well as others that are fostering and adopting as well as teenager that is up for adoption, seriously so humbling.

So let me introduce you to the Williams family. I had the pleasure of meeting them on a recent trip to North Carolina. Say hello to beautiful scenery! Jetton Park in Cornelius was so gorgeous first thing in the morning. It over looks Lake Norman for a stunning view. I knew I would instantly connect with this family when they showed up with Starbucks in hand which made for the perfect candid moments.

So here is what makes this family extra special. This family was built through adoption! This couple opened their home to not one, not two but three beautiful children who were oh so sweet and after years of fostering a handful of kids they have finally built their forever family. And these are their first officially photos as a family together 🙂

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