It’s Raining Babies {South Florida Newborn Photographer}


Madeline-17So typically the summer months for a south Florida photographer are slow, like molasses slow. For a few reasons, one, no one gets married in this god for shaken heat, second, most people are traveling and third,  let’s face it no one wants to take photos outside while they are dripping wet with sweat and getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. So with that said I had all these grand plans this summer to get “caught up” if there is such a thing while I had my slow months.

Now first let me describe exactly what I had in mind when I wanted to get “caught up”. First, I was going to finally finish my website. WordPress and me are not friends. And while I am great with cameras I’m pretty terrible with anything else that involves technology. Finishing my website would mean that I could finally order all the goodies that went with re branding like new fancy business cards. (You kind of have to graduate from Vista Print after you’ve been in business for 5 years, as cheap as they are, they feel cheap and I’m embarrassed to hand them out) Secondly, on my getting “caught up” list was organizing my personal photos. Now, personal photos are a whole other blog post for another day but lets just say photographers, at least all the ones I know, are pretty terrible about their personal photos. My client photos are neatly organized on my hard drive, facebooked, blogged, and sometimes printed, my personal photos are a whole other story. And thirdly on my list of things I was going to get done was to launch my food photography business (that is a blog post for another day, but know that it is in the works).

So now that summer is technically coming to an end, I haven’t accomplished any of those things because…..well…it’s been RAINING BABIES! Nothing makes me happier than a squishy little newborn that is just a few days old. When I started my business, almost 5 years ago, I had planned to just photograph newborns. My business has taken me in so many different directions that I love but I have a special place in my heart for newborn photography. There is something magical about new life. Little tiny toes, fresh newborn baby hair, little lips. I love everything about newborns. Newborn sessions are one of my favorites. This summer I have had the chance of capturing 8 newborn babies. How cute are they?!

Wouldn’t have wanted to spend my summer any other way. And I still have a few more to go over the next few weeks. Lucky Me!


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