Steph & Jose Anniversary Session {Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens}

Stephanie had told me that she wanted to book an anniversary session to celebrate her and her husbands two years of marriage which I thought was just such a sweet idea. Stephanie and Jose eloped when they got married and I found out half way through their session that they never had engagement or wedding photos taken so this was a special treat for them. Morkiami Museum and Japanese Gardens provided the perfect location to capture a sweet anniversary.

2015-03-22_0015 2015-03-22_0016 2015-03-22_0017 2015-03-22_0018 2015-03-22_0019 2015-03-22_0020 2015-03-22_0021 2015-03-22_0022 2015-03-22_0023 2015-03-22_0024 2015-03-22_0025 2015-03-22_0026 2015-03-22_0027 2015-03-22_0028

Location: Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens

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