Laura & Piero {Hillsboro Beach Club Engagement}

Oh man I don’t even know where to start with this couple. Sometimes people just walk into your life randomly and you instantly know they will be part of your life forever which is exactly how I felt about these two from the second I met them. I happened to meet them at my neighbors party and came to find out that Piero was “my” UPS driver. I say “my” because as some may or may not know as a photographer I get a LOT of packages so he frequents my address on almost a daily basis. (PS knowing your UPS driver definitely has it’s own perks) After meeting him I was introduced to his fiance, Laura who I immediately fell in love with. She is one of those people who instantly puts you at ease and always has a smile on her face.  Laura has got an amazing story which she shared with me the first time I met her which just tugged at my heart. She has an awesome line of jewelry called  3 Squeezes which carries an incredible story and speaks volumes about the women she is.

When we first met and I heard that they were recently engaged I of course with no shame asked them if they were looking for a photographer. They said yes, I handed them my card and later on that night they came up and said they checked out my work and loved it and would be in touch. They had told me they were getting married at the Hillsboro Club  so I was super excited as it’s a beautiful venue that has everything a Florida Beach wedding should have.

Not long after meeting them we set up their engagement session at the Hillsoboro  Club of course admiring the lighthouse in the background and took a little drive to Boca Inlet which has special meaning for Laura. Lastly, we ended our engagement photo session at the new Waterstone Resort for cocktails.

Wow is all I can say from their engagement session. These two are seriously magnetic! There is just something about the way they look at each other that is so incredibly magical! Their love for each other is so evident it blows me away. He looks at her like every girl dreams a guy would look at them. And the way she looks at him will seriously make your heart melt. Not to mention they are totally a blast to be around!

To say that I am excited to capture their wedding this weekend is a serious understatement! I could not be happier to photograph such an important day in your lives together Laura & Piero!


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