Liquido Active Yoga Clothes {South Florida Brand Photographer}

If there is one thing I can get behind as a photographer it’s comfy clothes that are practical and fun at the same time and as someone who has been practicing yoga most of her life at Pura Vida Yoga I have a serious obsession with yoga pants. I mean, come on who doesn’t?! A few months back I connected with an awesome company,  Liquido Active. They make the most fun, funky, and comfy yoga clothes I have ever worn. Not to mention they now carry a line of bikinis and dresses among other things. Below is a little glimpse of the first shoot I did for them at T.Y. Park in Hollywood Beach. There will be more to come for sure. The models for the shoot were local yoga instructors, who happen to be good friends of each others and over all super sweet kind hearted women.

All clothes appearing in the photos are by Liquido Active. Yoga bag by JLEW Bags.

And lastly, you can find these awesome yogis on instagram at @laurablissfinder and @jess_chinfong


In A Glimpse Photography is a South Florida based photographer. Feel free to contact me to have your brand or product captured.

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