Introducing Bennett {Jupiter Beach Newborn Photographer}

I say it every time I photograph a newborn that they are by far my favorite, especially when they are as good as this little guy was but this newborn was extra special as he is the handsome little man belonging to a good friend of mine. I was beyond excited when Shayna told me she was expecting. This little guy was prayed for long before he came to be and he filled a huge empty space in this couple’s hearts. He is a spitting image of half mom and half dad and has the best temperament of a baby I’ve seen yet. He slept for most of his session but made sure to give me some great wide eyed photos too and enough adorable expressions for me to have no doubt that he is the child of Tom and Shayna. Probably my favorite part of this session was taking photos of Bennett on the steps of their brand new home that is pretty much as good as it gets!

2016-11-25_0006 2016-11-25_0007 2016-11-25_0008 2016-11-25_0009 2016-11-25_0010 2016-11-25_0011 2016-11-25_0012 2016-11-25_0013 2016-11-25_0014 2016-11-25_0015 2016-11-25_0016 2016-11-25_0017 2016-11-25_0018 2016-11-25_0019 2016-11-25_0020 2016-11-25_0021

The outtakes are the best!


All knit items made by:  The Handcrafted

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