Bo Willow’s 1st Birthday {Boca Raton Family Photographer}

Be prepared to see the cutest decorated 1st birthday party I’ve ever been too! I had the pleasure of capturing cute little Bo Willow as a newborn ( you can see all the red headed cuteness here) so I was honored to capture her first birthday.With a name like Bo Willow I knew her birthday would be as hippie chic as it gets. All the adorable decorations are by the talented Phases Of Love, and mom made all the whimsical dream catchers. And if the decorations weren’t adorable enough Bo has a really cute group of friends that were a blast to capture!

2016-11-26_0001 2016-11-26_0002 2016-11-26_0003 2016-11-26_0004 2016-11-26_0005 2016-11-26_0006 2016-11-26_0007 2016-11-26_0008 2016-11-26_0009 2016-11-26_0010 2016-11-26_0011 2016-11-26_0012 2016-11-26_0013 2016-11-26_0014 2016-11-26_0015 2016-11-26_0016 2016-11-26_0017 2016-11-26_0018 2016-11-26_0019 2016-11-26_0020 2016-11-26_0021 2016-11-26_0022 2016-11-26_0023 2016-11-26_0024 2016-11-26_0025 2016-11-26_0026 2016-11-26_0027 2016-11-26_0028 2016-11-26_0029 2016-11-26_0030 2016-11-26_0031 2016-11-26_0032 2016-11-26_0033 2016-11-26_0034 2016-11-26_0035 2016-11-26_0036 2016-11-26_0037 2016-11-26_0038 2016-11-26_0039 2016-11-26_0040 2016-11-26_0041 2016-11-26_0042 2016-11-26_0043 2016-11-26_0044 2016-11-26_0045 2016-11-26_0046

To see more adorable kids party designs check them out on Instagram @phasesoflove. And if you just can’t get enough of the adorable little red head that is Bo , check out the awesome session I did with her and her trendy mom in Wynwood here.

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